Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ok, it's about time I revive this thing

Alright, it's two months shy of a year since I created this blog. I can't really say why I haven't been posting, because it's something that I really want to start doing. So anyway, I have deleted the two posts I had here and am starting over on a clean slate. What direction am I going to take this blog? Well right now I really have no idea. I figure I will start off with whatever is on my mind, update you on life, how school is going, talking about topics that are important to me, and then giving my humble opinion of these issues.

Since this is now post number one on this young blog of mine, I'll go ahead and tell you a little about me.....again. My name is Drew and I am a 21 year old college student here in Utah. I'm currently in my first semester at Utah Valley University and I actually like it down there, aside from the 40+ mile drive every day. I went into this semester knowing EXACTLY what I wanted to do, and had my major all picked out and ready to go. Now I don't know. So for now I am going to finish this semester with the classes I have, then come summer semester I will be taking a healthy dose of general classes to put toward whichever degree I settle on. I'll go into all of this in a later post. I am a hardcore Gamer, I LOVE gaming. My favorite types of games are RPG's, and shooters. So it's no surprise that my favorite current game out there is Mass Effect 2, combining an RPG and Shooter. Well that's me in a nutshell, enough for a good intro post anyway. If you've made it this far, thank you for reading through my ramblings. I hope you'll come back and read my posts and hopefully I'll find my way into this.